Roleplay Hooks

Technophile: Despite her traditional upbringing in the Steppes, this Xaela has an almost obsessive fascination with Magitek. She spent some time learning basic engineering and mechanical repair during her apprenticeship under an Airship technician. The presence of the Garlean Empire and the ancient technology unearthed over the years has only strengthened her love of machines and the opportunities they can offer the world if placed in the right hands. She’s often seen tinkering with some strange device, making mild adjustments to her pistol, or working on restoring parts to a Garlean Reaper she had discovered in her travels, one she keeps hidden until the day she can fully restore its functionality.

Liar: Truthful in nature, the brand she carries is one of shame in the eyes of her people. Born to the Qestir Tribe of the Azure Steppes, the name she introduces herself with is but two lies she tells, and every word after is a further deception to her people. Speaking of her tribe seems to be a bit of a sore subject, as she’s still conflicted despite her confidence in her path.

Eorzean Loyalty: Though she is born in the Far East, Shasha’s loyalties lie more in Eorzea, specifically Ul’dah and Ishgard. After being disowned by her parents, she was adopted by a traveling, elderly Dravanian man who raised her as his own daughter. He taught her all manner of trade skills, Eorzean history and cultures, and of magic. She grew to love him as a father, and soon came to call Eorzea her new home. She spends much of her time exploring or performing odd jobs. Her free time is spent on her hobbies, learning new skills, repairing and caring for her father’s hold cottage in Dravania, or seeking new social experiences while visiting Ul’dah. She can also be seen exploring Thanalan, scavenging old battlegrounds and abandoned Garlean sights for Magitek, or searching the lands for Allagan technology and artifacts.

Unbound Spirit: At Shas’s core, she is a free spirit yearning for adventure. She seeks to explore the deepest chasms of the earth to unlock their secrets, but her true calling is to soar the skies above and even dreams of the stars beyond! She enjoys learning of the difficult culture they inhabit the world, and doesn’t aspire to traditional, quiet lifestyle or her people. She dares to commit the sin of speech if it means a life unchain

Onfrai Estate: Built on the edges of the Goblet, the Onfrai Estate stands as a testament to Shasha’s determination and hardwork over the past few years (and the inheritance of her late foster father). Within the unassuming dwelling lies the heart of her operations, her basement workshop, filled to the brim with books, magitek devices, and other various engineering goodies that might tickle the fancy of tinkers and technicians alike. The pungent odor of whirling, well oiled gears fills the workshop, seeping out from the chimney above. To many, a fowl odor, but to Shasha, it’s the smell of progress! Outside the estate one might find the an astroscope looming over the fence, tilted high towards the sky with a twirling shard of Aetheryte transmitting the images it captures to the database below. Across from the scope is Shasha’s current project, the mobile workshop. She aims to outfit Beastman scraps and vehicles into a means to take her work on the road. Beyond the slapdash auto-carriage is a roaring furnace used to refine scraps and salvage the Xaela finds along her journeys. Those who live on the outskirts of the Goblet may have the misfortune of being her neighbor, and the issues that might come of it. Despite the possible disturbances, the estate is always welcoming new clients, guests, and employers, but be sure to check with her retainer outside before attempting to enter, else you might be tackled by the gaurd dog inside. (Goblet Ward 6, Plot 39 Mateus)

Ishgardian Restoration: To anyone who worked in the firmament, they may have seen the rambunctious Xaela scurrying all around the restoration site fixing machines, forging metals, repairing tools, sewing, crafting, and all manner of odd jobs she might be qualified to do! She has also brought strange inventions to aid the restoration through Magitek, including her mobile workshop.

Equal Opportunist: With the right words, Shas will jump at any opportunity to show off her skills. Mind you morality is a thing, but sometimes morality can be very grey! Pirates who steal from Garlean fleets, a wonderful cause! A cannon to defend refugees from bandits? She'll have to find some schematics, but she'll do it. So long as the cause is just or the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few, she'll work for just about anyone. Though, be careful! If her work falls into the "wrong hands", she'll everything in her power to right the wrong!

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